How to Find a Great Campsite

There is no need to ever stay in a unsatisfactory campground.  With a little bit of online research it is easy to locate campgrounds that suit your individual tastes. is possibly the most comprehensive list of both public and private campgrounds.  It also includes places for overnight parking.  Both the website and app allow the user to search according to tastes and specifications.  If I were to use a single application this would be it. is a site I found relatively recently and have been using it more and more.  It specializes in public campgrounds, which we prefer, and is more comprehensive than in this segment.

We have found Passport America very useful.  It is a discount camping club that offers 50% off at participating campgrounds.  Restrictions and black out dates apply, but it easily pays for itself after just a few stays. They also offer an easy to use app.

There are two sites that specialize in campground reviews that can also be used to find sites.  I usually locate a potential campground on another site first and use these to read user experiences and confirm it is not a dud.

Finding good boondocking and free overnight locations can be tough.  Many of the best locations are kept secret.  There are two sites available to help find free camping locations, but both depend on users submitting content and are limited.

Google Maps/Google Earth – The last thing I do is locate the campground using an online mapping program to find its location and zoom in to get a lay of the land.  I rely frequently on mapping programs to know what to expect from campgrounds and the surrounding area.

Happy Camping!

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