Simple Living

The grand adventure is now transitioning to a new lifestyle experiment.  Prior to setting off on our cross country odyssey, we recognized that this trip could lead to a lifestyle transformation.  Perhaps it was a result of our intentions, we have decided that becoming full-time RV dwellers seems to be the correct path, and with that, a radical change away from comfort and material, towards simple living and new experiences.

Miso has found the AC sweet spot

We could get used to this! – Miso and Kimchi

The past three months living in our small 24’ motorhome has given us a true sense of what living tiny feels like.  The challenges of two persons and cats living in 150 sq. ft. are not insignificant, but doable, especially if the outdoors becomes a living space.  I have resisted the urge to sell our current RV to acquire something bigger.  While our current setup is not ideal, and in hindsight I should have bought something 4 feet longer, with slight modifications it can work and most importantly it is paid for! “Spend money, but not on stuff,” keeps going through my mind as a principle to happiness.  In fact we have decided that we are not making any large purchases but only selling most of the things we have.

Outdoor living

Outdoor Living Room – Buena Vista, CO

To some it may seem like we are retiring and heading out on permanent vacation, this could not be further from the truth.  Retirement is decades away and we still need to earn a living however modest it may be.  Our curiosity has led to many conversations with people doing something similar and not one has regretted their choice.  In fact, most people living and working nomadically have a sparkle in their eye, a smile, and have come to define wealth as something apart from material and paper.

Hangin with some hoodoos #brycecanyon #nationalparks #utah

Rich in experiences – Bryce Canyon NP

For years I have admired people who buck convention by living simply while at the same time squeezing the most out of life.  My life, however unfulfilled it may have been, was comfortable if not predictable.  Comfort is addictive and easy, yet rarely does it encourage growth.  By living in an RV on a restrictive income, I have become grateful for the little things.  It is the attitude of gratitude inspired by living simply that I most wish to continue and cultivate.

Our sweet campsite last night! #nationalparks #joshuatree

Sweet Campsite! – Joshua Tree NP

In a few weeks we will be back in Maryland, readying our house for rent, making modifications to our home on wheels, and hopefully landing a late summer/early fall workamping position.  We are looking forward to summer in Baltimore doing what we have always done, but it will be special because this time next year we have no idea of where we will be.

Cliff Hanger #blackcanyon #nationalparks #colorado

Rim Trail – Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

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