Christian & Alayne Dunn, a married couple living in Baltimore City with two cats, changed direction and set their sights on new experiences with a radical lifestyle change.  They decided to buy and live in a 24′ Class C RV and take a journey in life.

Now in their second year they have had many adventures and crossed the country four times. Personal growth and expanding awareness have been the greatest benefits.  They have learned to trust the moment and allow serendipity to take its place.

Christian & Alayne always enjoy corresponding with people who are considering the full-time RVing lifestyle.   Feel free to contact us.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Derek Fahey

    Love it! I too just joined your club. I retired from my job at 42 and will be hitting the road ~1 June with m y two dogs.

  2. melissa

    Just found your awesome youtube vids. And just found our motorhome to buy tomorrow to reno and customize then live in full time. Bursting with excitment and cannot sleep. Picking her up tomorrow am! So glad to have found you.
    ps Our little miniature pinscher is named Miso and our calico kitty is KimChee!

  3. Derek Fahey

    Hey guys, just to let you know since we’re both in the PNW right now, I am near Crater Lake NP. There are some really nice places here, you can email me and I’ll give you any information that I have. Probably going to head to the coast near Brookings OR in a week or so.
    Safe travels.

    1. The RV Nomads Post author

      Hey Derek! We’re actually making our way east into Idaho right now after spending the last 3 months in Oregon and Washington. Enjoy your time at Crater Lake and the Oregon coast. We highly recommend checking out Heceta head lighthouse and staying in the Carl G. Washburne campground in the coast. Happy travels!

      1. Derek Fahey

        Great tto hear from you!.. When you get to Idaho, if you’ve read my blog, you’ll find a place that’s about an hour and change drive from Boise. If you go thru Cascade ID, let me know and I can alert a friend of mine who works at an RV park there.

        Great to hear from you guys, safe travels.

  4. bogorm333

    This is interesting; my boyfriend and I just bought a school bus that we will be working to turn into our full-time RV home. We are from Baltimore City and we will be traveling with two cats 😛
    Question: How do cats take to the bus/RV? Do you kennel them when you’re moving or let them roam the ‘house’ area?

  5. Gregg Schlaudecker

    Christian, good to speak with you at the museum today. Enjoyed my visit. Looking forward to reading the blog. Would love to pick your brain about our return visit in the coming months. Cheers! Gregg


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