RV Mods

Current List RV Modifications: Nothing Fancy

  1. Scooter carrier
  2. Digital Flat Screen TV with adjustable arm
  3. 800 watt power inverter
  4. Blue Ray player w/ wireless capability (NetFlix, Hulu)
  5. Extensions for air valves on rear wheels
  6. K & N reusable air filter
  7. Upgraded bath vent fan
  8. LED interior light bulbs
  9. Roof vent covers
  10. New cabinet hardware
  11. Memory foam mattress
  12. Monroe heavy duty shocks
  13. New counter tops
  14. Parallax 7300 Converter (upgrade)
  15. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) house battery
  16. Reupholstered Dinette Cushions and surrounds
  17. Reupholstered Valances

Upcoming projects: New flooring

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