2013 in the RearView

Life is too short to hang onto unpleasant circumstances that can be changed.  While change can be scary and takes work, the willingness to do so often beats the willfulness it takes to remain stuck in state of familiar, yet comfortable dis-ease.  In 2013, we stepped off into the unknown that we hardly planned for, and ended up finding adventure and making new discoveries along the way.  I guess it could be said that 2013 was a pioneering year.

As a non-retired couple living and travelling in an RV fulltime, we are bucking convention and it has allowed us to have an outsider’s view on ourselves and the culture we live in.  We have been able to recognize the many good hearted, creative and adventurous people doing inspiring things, and have seen cultural ills too.  There are many different Americas, each is unique and worth taking the time to appreciate.

Time and time again, while we were on the road it was made clear that no amount of planning or willful intention beats a good gut feeling or serendipitous occasion.  We have been calling this a lifestyle experiment; as such we have had very little idea of what we are doing or what the result will be.  While going with the flow has yet to become second nature, we are relaxing more into a life that has no grand plan.

It has been said before but it is worth repeating, this country is freaking beautiful.  We were like children seeing things for the first time.  On occasion we had sensory overload, it is amazing how majestic some places can be.  Nature’s magic is out there in the deserts, along the coasts, and in the mountains.  Just being there can fill a person with gratitude and inspire.  We are looking forward to seeing more in 2014.

Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, and followers!  May 2014 be filled with new adventures and inspiring moments!

1 thought on “2013 in the RearView

  1. Uncle Jay and Aunt Pat

    Happy New Year and keep it rolling. Your Dad and I were lucky to see much of the beauty you describe when in our youth and Aunt Pat has always said the Grand Canyon was her favorite place on the planet. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from you both as the adventure unfolds.


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