A New Type of Freedom

Our trip across country is more than a story of a couple who broke free of convention and decided to take a risk, but more importantly is a tale of recovery.  Just a few short years ago I was in the dark depths of alcoholism; filled with anger, self pity and self-centeredness. My career, marriage, sanity and freedom were all in jeopardy.  Even with all of the consequences and misery at hand I was consumed, beaten and felt powerless.

Getting sober was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Non-addicts often are unable to understand the tight grip an addiction can have on a person, and even today it still a bit of a mystery to me.  Shame can be a destroyer or a powerful motivation to change.  While Baltimore City is a sick town, it does have an amazing recovery community that I credit for saving my life (thank you!).  Recovery does come easy for some, in my case it was difficult with several relapses.  Even with these set backs, two years ago (today) I was able to put down the drink and not have one since.

When I joined in recovery, people promised me that sobriety would be beyond my wildest dreams.  Today I am in San Francisco about to drive to Yosemite National Park, half way through a cross country road trip with my wife. The past has helped to wake me up and see the possibilities and opportunities for growth. I am filled with gratitude and life IS beyond my wildest dreams.

4 thoughts on “A New Type of Freedom

  1. Judy

    Christian..I am so proud of your accomplishment! And I am so happy that you are experiencing and learning so much! You and Alayne have so many years ahead of you and it sounds as though you are going to spend them well!



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