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Campground Review: Fort Pickens Campground

Our first priority for this road trip was to escape the winter weather and find some warmer air to settle into.  After almost a week of traveling south, we finally made it to the gulf coast and were blown away with the beach scape that we found here.  The Gulf Shores National Seashore is incredibly beautiful, with miles of pristine white sand beaches and calm emerald green water.  We had no idea the Pensacola area of Florida held such a gem!

Luckily, Christian had planned ahead and booked a few nights at the Fort Pickens campground, which is within the National Seashore, and we were not disappointed.  In fact, we liked it so much, that we stayed an extra night to help us fully relax into our new life-style.  There are five camping loops within the campground (A, B, C, D, & E) and we had the pleasure of spending time in both loop A and loop E.

Our first two evenings were spent in loop A, which seems to be the most popular within the campground.  It’s separate from the other loops and has the added benefit of a lot of natural foliage around each campsite, which adds some privacy and good ambiance.

Loop A

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