A New Place, A New Adventure!

Full-time RV travel is rewarding beyond the obvious. The freshness of experience and opportunities for learning and personal growth abound, but some of the greatest benefits come about from its challenges. Since we tend to move frequently, hardly a routine is established before it is modified. This regular state of flux seems to enliven even the most mundane everyday experiences. Regular travel also requires considerable energy and focus, which can be exhausting but is frequently offset by inspiration. The new landscapes, people, energies and feelings stir up the senses and push personal boundaries and beliefs. Now, nearly two years on the road, our full-time adventure has served marvelously as a rejuvenating period of growth and experience which we can now draw on.

Our full-time adventure started as a whirlwind cross-country expedition with the hope of finding a new place to call home. Nearly two years later, it became so much more, yet still fulfilled its initial purpose. The RV Nomads have landed in St. Augustine, FL! The oldest city in America grabbed our hearts with its historic European feel, beautiful waterfront and beaches, and vibrant small town feel. It is the perfect place for us to establish what we missed the most on the road: community, consistency and focused outlets for creativity.

We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel 22,000 miles around this country and find a place to consciously choose to live. Finding a place that met our criteria and personalities was no easy feat. Our love for urban street life and walk-ability was not something we were prepared to give up, we found this in a condo we recently purchased on the north side of town. Situated on a beautiful bay, complete with lighthouse, and only a few miles from the beach, our love for the water is utterly satisfied. Always attracted to historic charm and streets, the oldest city in America does not disappoint. Some of the existing structures date as far back as to the 17th and 18th centuries, with a very different history than the northern colonies. Compared to the west coast or Baltimore (our hometown), housing is only a fraction of the cost, allowing us freedom to pursue entrepreneurial efforts. Located on the northeast coast of Florida the weather isn’t too shabby, either. The nearby cities of Jacksonville and Orlando also give us the option to have big city amenities at our convenience, while the sizable tourist economy supports a music and arts scene that is unparalleled in other towns of its size. The people here are friendly and have been welcoming and hospitable. While it may not be perfect, it is pretty darn close!

Today, we are as excited to start a new life in a new place as we were to take off and experience America. This blog will remain active as we share updates of Christian learning to surf, Alayne’s photography, and our latest projects and travels. In the meantime if anybody is looking for a great little motorhome “The Dutchie” is on the market – $6500!

9 thoughts on “A New Place, A New Adventure!

  1. debbiemc14

    Wow, congrats on choosing a wonderful new place to call home! We know others who’ve moved there and love it also!

  2. sunshineboarder

    What are you nervous or worried about with this new lifestyle of being in one place after being so mobile for two years? My husband and I have been living in our RV for about a year now and we’re thinking about moving back into an apartment.

  3. Brian and Carolyn

    Well congratulations you two. We’ve ‘blog stalked’ you for the past year or so and this is the first time ever replying. Still have your posting on RVing for a year as a sabbatical saved on my computer for inspiration.
    Again, best to you both.

    1. The RV Nomads Post author

      Thanks Brian and Carolyn! We appreciate you following our adventures and are so happy our posts have inspired you. If you ever pass through St. Augustine, hit us up!

  4. Christina

    Hello! Just came across your blog as I was searching about full-time RV’ing. My husband and I live just 45 minutes away (just outside Jacksonville) from St. Augustine and are looking to purchase an RV in the spring to go full-time on the road! Is yours still for sale?


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