– A New Workamping Resource

One of the ways Alayne and I afford to be full-time RVers is by volunteering in exchange for an RV site, and soon workamping for a wage. In general, we enjoy the work and experiences. However, two were less than positive, one of which, we felt completely taken advantage of. It surprised us early on, that there were few resources for volunteers and workampers to share their experiences; to help each other avoid bad situations and provide encouragement for the good. Recently we launched a website to do just this, provide a voice for workampers and volunteers.

workampingreviews logo is in its early stages of compiling reviews. This easy to use website is completely free and requires no registration. It also allows users to post anonymously. This new resource needs people to submit reviews to get the ball rolling. If you have a volunteer or workamping experience to share, please do, so this becomes a helpful and powerful resource for all.

4 thoughts on “ – A New Workamping Resource

  1. Chris

    So glad you posted this. We are looking to camp host in the near future and this site will be very helpful as it builds it’s reviews.

  2. Molly

    Congrats on the new site and the design is great – will check it out later. Workamping is a great way for folks to get to travel in the U.S. — the PRICEY U.S.!

    1. The RV Nomads Post author

      Thanks, Molly! We hope it will prove to be a valuable resource to the RVing community. We agree! Workamping is a great way to offset the costs of travel, and also allows you to really get to know an area well. We’ve enjoyed the experiences it has provided.


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