The Campground Code

Life in campgrounds and RV parks has its own code.  It is sometimes is almost an ideal community.  They are places where friendly waves and nods are the norm, and the conversations with your neighbor are easy and can turn into more.  If you are having trouble or need a ride, it usually is not hard to find if someone doesn’t offer first.  In many parks it is not uncommon to see expensive fancy motor coaches, next to very modest travel trailers and for the most part everyone is cordial.  Since close proximity is usually the case, as is sharing of facilities, model civility is practiced with the occasional less than desirable behavior. Commonly the park managers set the tone with cleanliness and regular maintenance.

General practices (in most campgrounds):

  1. Be respectful of neighbors
  2. Keep your campsite neat and leave it clean
  3. Be mindful and observe quiet hours
  4. Clean up after yourself when using shared facilities
  5. Make sure trash is properly disposed of, fire-pits are not trash receptacles
  6. Do not walk through your neighbors campsite
  7. Drive slowly, campground speeds are usually very slow
  8. All pets must be on leash except in designated areas, and always pick up after them
  9. Do not burn plastics and other objects that release noxious chemicals
  10. Extinguish fires completely when away from campsite
  11. Teach children proper campground etiquette

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