Our Humble Home

Take a tour of the Dutchess:

5 thoughts on “Our Humble Home

  1. Brenda A.

    Loved the tour! I see we aren’t the only ones with the litter box in the shower. Would love to figure something else out for that. But it works for now. Like you we use the campground showers usually. What campground are you at? it didn’t look very full which is unusual for Florida this time of year.

    1. rvnomads1 Post author

      We were at the Fort Pickens campground near Pensacola, FL, Brenda. We highly recommend it. We’ll be posting a review once we get some decent wi-fi access. 🙂

  2. Uncle Jay and Aunt Pat

    Not too shabby at all and much more roomy and luxurious than a troop transport I once enjoyed. One question: I recognize the cute babe but who is the weird looking guy in the beard?


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