In the Beginning – Learning as we go

The adventure has begun and so has the education.  We have learned the value of level campsites after sleeping in a slanted driveway, added more padding to our bunk after a couple of sore mornings, have come to appreciate state highways over the Interstates, and that RV travel is is more than 20% slower than by car.  Already we have lost a gas cap and a wheel cover (recovered) , and drove to a campground that was full (call ahead). On our second day we drove narrow mountain winding roads and a potted steep dirt driveway, no RV has any business trying to navigate, on a mission to visit family. On our forth day we drove 300 miles in a high wind advisory, sometimes slowing to 40 miles per hour (partially in the neighboring lane).

The cats are slowly adjusting after a couple of days of sheer terror and unique hiding places.  Neither like the motion part and now spend the entire time under the covers in the bunk.  At camp they are curious about the outdoors and as snugglely as ever. Kimchi was out on a leash briefly, but only wanted to go under the RV.  Another week and less time in motion will do them good. That goes for the humans too.

We made it to Florida after 4 days, just as a snow storm is about to hit home in Baltimore.  We now are going to slow down and linger with a few days at the beach ahead – life is good.

Stone Mountain Campground

Stone Mountain Campground in GA

7 thoughts on “In the Beginning – Learning as we go

  1. nesta taylor

    Just remember the lesson learned from navigating the potted roads, but more importantly, turning your rv around in my “driveway”………anything is possible, and there will be many obstacles ahead that can easily be crossed, if you see them that way.

    1. rvnomads1 Post author

      We were still cursing you the entire way out. :p But yes, Christian is a bit more confident now as to the abilities of where the RV can actually go.

  2. Uncle Jay and Aunt Pat

    Well, it’s a beginning. Looking forward to more of your experiences and humor. Should be the adventure of a lifetime except for the felines who, if they are anything like our Toby, just want to be fed and left the hell alone.

    1. rvnomads1 Post author

      The cats have actually adjusted pretty well after a week on the road. They still don’t like being in motion, but overall, they seem less traumatized at this point. 🙂


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